Invitation to Bratislava

Registration deadline is shift to March 10, 2008

  1. Mind and Health, civil association
  2. Medical Faculty of Comenius University, Bratislava,
  3. Institute of Cancer Research, Clinic for Internal Medicine I, Medical University Vienna
  4. Slovak Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

invite you to participate in the international conference "Oxidative Stress in Diseases" which will be held in Hotel Baronka, Bratislava - Rača (Slovakia) in April 23-25, 2008. The conference is planned to be a dynamic forum for the provocative discussions about the role and impact of free radicals, antioxidants and other biomodulating compounds in pathophysiology and pathology of diseases as well as their incorporating the most recent notions on the regulation of cellular functions. We hope the meeting will provide a challenging forum and a pleasant environment for debates of established researchers and the numerous students actively working in the field of free radicals in biology and medicine.




Bratislava is the capital of Slovakia extending over both banks of the river Danube in the heart of Europe, only 55 km from Vienna, Austria. There are numerous historical buildings and monuments in the Old Town as well as the nearby ruins of the Great Moravian castle Devin above the confluence of the rivers Morava and Danube. The castle from the 9th century dominates over the city. Slovakia is also known for its rich vineculture tradition.

The conference is sponsored partly by Grant ERDF of European Union and by Mind and health, civil association

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